Young Turks are Fundraising to Get MORE Investigative Journalists – Wanna Help?

The Young Turks are doing a great fundraiser. It’s not a small amount but it’s nothing compared to what Mainstream Media gets – 2 million dollars. Yeah for us 99% that might be a lot of money but then I remembered what Bernie Sanders did and it gives me hope. What’s cool is that those that have already donated to TYT (The Young Turks) is also our favourite average of you guessed it $27 (or at least this was the case 5 days ago). The reason I am trying to be quick on this post is because TYT will only be raising funds until the day of Trumps inauguration, so time is crucial. What’s great about this goal is that every $500,000 will get TYT a whole NEW investigative crew.

They already have one great crew and have done some great great work already. like help stop the DAPL, Donna Brazil, talking about all the crap Trump does. You can see what they have done in their 2 minute video on that link because I don’t have all the time to list what they do and they sound a lot more convincing than I plus maybe you can than watch a video or 2 of theirs. Just imagine how much more work they can do with more REAL investigative journalists, especially in the time of Trump and his minions of Republicans.

But yes they are a great news source that I hope to be a member of them when I make a bit more money. I can’t really donate to much but I’ll give what I can just like I did for my main man Bernie. Every little bit adds up to help the cause. If it could work for the man that made us believe that progressivism can be a great thing and he even started his own organization, #OurRevolution. If you can donate to these great organizations please do. But the one with the time crunch is TYT, but I’m happy either or can take your donation with a smile.

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6 Degrees of Separation is Real! Met a Cousin Who Went to BCC with Me

Ever since I’ve watched Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation (1993 film) I have been seeing how we are all connected more then we would think or even possibly imagine. I recommend you borrow this movie from your local library and watch it. Our connection to someone in any part of the world can go as high as 6 people.

But I have never experienced it with family that was estranged for a long time. It all started 2 weeks before I left for the DNC: My mother mentioned to my brother and I about how she was contacted by our friend who runs the Green Team here in Fair Lawn that someone from Oregon says Kimi Wei (my mother) might be her cousin. As Marsha later pointed out she didn’t think she knew my mother was her cousin. As everyone knows my family has variations of Wei, but when our friend reached out to my mother she said, “I have been thinking about ways to reach out and find the Spellman side of our family.”

Well we didn’t know what she was talking about because we thought her maiden name was Brooks or something like that. We still don’t get it all. Families right? jaja

Well you guessed it this Marsha from Oregon was our estranged Spellman cousin and she found people in little o’l Fair Lawn to connect her to my mom. That right there was 4 people involved. Scary right but it gets better. So Marsha was doing a family tree, had us on it and wanted to get in touch with us and invite us to come to a family reunion the weekend of July 23rd – the same weekend of EnergyPath and the DNC. It wast the best of timing but we made it work because we wanted to meet another part of our family.

It was a whole weekend event but we the Wei’s from Fair Lawn where able to make it over to the far far far city of …… Paramus. Yes we have family that leaves 10 minutes away that we just met a week ago (sings the chorus from “About a Week Ago” by Bobby Shmurda in my head). So we go the first night, Saturday the 23rd, but mother and Ari go before me because I had to take care of some of my plants but I make it over right before everyone leaves. I meet some relatives, get some food then I go down to where people are playing pool and this girl (who I didn’t recognize right away) asked me if I went to Bergen. I of course respond empathically, “Yes I did!”

Then she asked wasn’t I involved in PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) and other clubs on campus. Again I said yes. Then it dawned on me that I had a few interactions with her. Then it dawned on us both that we are family! “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge is probably playing in your head I know same here.

And as we learn a bit about her we learned that she went to high school with my brother and I. More Ari though because when she was a freshman I was a senior but her and Ari graduated only a year apart. So not only did we go to BCC together but we were even in HS together. We all even know a few of the same people.

One more degree of separation is that she is dating a guy that graduated in my year. Which actually I already new because Lila came to the the PTK induction ceremony and her boyfriend, Louis, and I did a bit of catching up. So yes the world is super small, so small you may not even know your whole family tree.

So yeah! Will Smith’s movie pops up all the time even tho it’s a 23 year old movie. Now it’s time to learn about these Spellman’s and see if there are others we can find. For example, at the DNC there was apparently a Bernie Delegate with the last name Spellman. I asked my new cousin if she could be one of us, she wasn’t sure so I sent her a message. Sadly no response but just thinking there could be more family out there would be kind of cool. Especially one I already know should be pretty cool if she supports my guy Bernie. That’ll be a discussion for tomorrow’s post since some of these Bernie or Bust people are taking things a bit to far on the bust side :/

But yeah you never know who could be family because you could be seeing them and not know until 3 years later (if not more). I love how much smaller the world gets all the time.

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First Stings of Beekeeping — Not Pleasant

Evening Y’all! So I became a beekeeper this year along with my mother and brother at times. He is more of the kickass photographer that we hope to share his shots with the world. But since we got our bees on the first night of Peasach I have been dealing with the bees. Read all about it here. It’s quiet the story and she too got stung….. a lot so I have been dealing with the bees. Usually with a lot of success and luck. We have been super fortunate that our 2 hives of bees are totally tame and beautiful creatures.

But today was a different day. On this July 15th, 2016 started off good with my bees. I was checking them for mites (for the first time EVER) and it didn’t go super smoothly but I did it…. kind of. This website showed us how to do this mite process. Pretty much you kill 300 bees to see if there are any mites. How you kill them feels a bit inhumane. You have to use rubbing alcohol, which I noticed isn’t an instantaneous death, sadly. But if you see mites you have to treat ASAP. So as I was doing the “shake” unsuccessful and turned the shaker upside down and as I was doing that I noticed rubbing alcohol spilled all over my gloves. I was like, “What the heck was that!”

After a quick investigation I noticed there was a crack in the seam of the bottle. I went to my car cleaned up my gloves and went back to work on closing up my bee hive. During this time another fellow beekeeper came to check on his hives. He was only there for a minute but I guess he checked on what he needed too.

The problem was though that my bees weren’t having any of that closing up the hive business. Over these 3 months I have learned to understand my bees a bit and am understanding that when someone farts around there home they may go at you with some force to the face — which is projected by my vail. Then they bounce off and go about their business. But today they came at me with full force and something about it was off… They were lot more aggressive and really going at me. Next time I know I feel bees on my legs and a sharp pain. One second it’s one and then another close by and then I felt a third pinch on my calf. I dropped the box I was holding in my hand and ran as fast as I could out of the beehive area and into the parking lot. Dropping my cellphone in the process and leaving my smoker behind, which is actually a must have thing when you get stung. You need it to smoke the area where you got stung.

Reason I ran as fast as I could out of the garden was because I was hoping that beekeeper hasn’t left and I could use his phone to call my mother and tell her to bring me pants. Also I might want to just mention this TINY fact: His bees and mine aren’t the only ones at this place – there are like 13 more (hives), so I didn’t want to find out how many bees could potentially sense the venom in my leg and want to go to that spot. That’s too many bees for my liking.

I’m also thinking you might be asking yourself why would a beekeeper need pants don’t they work in pants? That would be a no! Not this guy. During the summer heat I have been going out and working in shorts, my bee jacket and gloves. As I’m on the phone with my mother this nice guy was helping me check myself. We saw 3 bee stings – 1 had the stinger in that he took out, 1 had nothing and the last one that was on my calf, which was the most painful of the 3 didn’t have anything but a gaping whole. Which we deduced was there because I think I ripped the be and his stinger right out of my calf in one fell swoop. (Let me tell you after 8 hours I am feeling the pain. OUCHIE!)

So we did some cleaning up of my leg and off he went. Shortly after he left I was able to think clearly and I remembered that bees don’t like perfume or cologne. (Which is a side note for everyone. Don’t wear those things when working with bees. **hint hint**) What do those things have in common with what I was doing today? . . . . . If you didn’t guess it right away I know you’d have said, “Alcohol.”

I’d reply, “Dam right!”

Bees really don’t like alcohol. As my mother and I later discussed on the way to our beekeepers meeting, they probably know that it signals death and they freak out. That’s exactly what they did when they smelled the alcohol on my gloves. So when my mother came to the rescue with pants we had to go right back home because I needed a new pair of gloves so that I couldn’t finish up with the bees. They weren’t closed and needed to be covered for the day. As they say, “When you fall off a horse, get back in the saddle”! Which I did. I got my new alcohol free gloves and went to work closing up my hive. And guess what…… I was right. The bees where back to being their tame awesome selves.

Lessons learned:
1. Don’t get alcohol on your gloves because you will feel the wrath of the all mighty honey bee!
2. Have a bee sting kit on the ready — which I will now have to make and bring with me just in case
3. Find out if you are allergic to be stings before you work with bees. (Tonight I found out that I’m not allergic… just in a super painful way I am finding out.) Mama Wei didn’t want to tell me but the soreness I am feeling can last a while. My lower right leg feels like it’s lead.
4. Make sure you know how to best get rid of bee stings!! This should be like 1A I know but oh well it’s still a learned lesson.

So please be mindful of what you may have on you when working with bees. I found out the hard way why alcohol is a big no-no around bees. It’s not a pretty site! I’m just happy I had help. When this happened to me I at least had help. As you will read in my mothers post she was all by herself. I don’t know how she did it, but I can tell you it did traumatise her a bit. She hasn’t really gotten near the bees since. I don’t blame her but she’s gotta just get to know them and they will get to know her. I doubt it’s even the same bees that attacked her.

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Why My Fellow Black & Brown People SHOULDN’T Vote for Hillary

There is this great 6 minute video by The Young Turks that everyone should watch before they think of going out to caucus for Hillary or want to push a button or press a lever for her. Watch it! There are good points of how she is NOT for my people (us coloured folks) and how she is called out for calling young black people “super predators”.

And Michelle Alexander said in a Washington Post article that “Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the support of black voters“. Bernie Sanders has support of this lady, Dr. Cornell West, Benjamin Jealous, Nina Turner, Killa Mike, Susan Sarandon and many many more. As you can see many are prominent black activists and black leaders. They are backing the right candidate and so should you! So go out this Super Tuesday after watching this video and vote for the RIGHT candidate.

Good Luck! And bring your friends to the polls.

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Young People Hold the Key to Bernie Sanders Winning – But We MUST GOTV

Here is Bernie Sanders interview with Chuck Todd on Meeting the Press. The two quotes are from 28 secs-54 secs.

“The voter turn out was not as high as I wanted” — This is the few times you’ll hear Bernie Sanders say “I”. Usually he says ‘we’, but I am thinking that when it comes to votes he feels more partial to the end result. He’s doing tons of speaking engagements, rallies and just getting his name out to the world of Americans (and the entire world really). Thank you internet. *** There will be another article about Net Neutrality ***

But he continues by saying “We will do well when young people, when working class people come out. We do not do well when the voter turn out is not large. We did not do as good as a job to bring out a large turnout.” But you heard it straight from the man himself!!

When people vote he will win! AGAIN when PEOPLE vote he WILL WIN the NOMINATION. Young people are going out for him in droves to his rallies and… when they do actually go and vote. He got a large percent of the voters in NH, but less people went out to vote this year for the Democrats then in 2012 or 2008. We, the young people, need to support him NOT with our wallets, but with our ballots. If We, the young people, want to see him win . . . We all MUST GO OUT and VOTE for Bernie Sanders. Bring people with you to vote. Have a voting party!

Don’t get me wrong Millennials, Bernie could definitely use our donations to help his campaign. Anyone would! But I think our votes are more valuable to any amount we may be able to give. So for all those Super Tuesday states ….. if Bernie hasn’t said it enough I hope I am in this article – GO OUT and VOTE. AGAIN Bring your FRIENDS to VOTE!!!

If you are like me; meaning you’re a person of colour…. voting can seem scary but it shouldn’t be! There are apps that you can cite where this illegal activity is going on and organizations can help you get around them. I know one of the best ways is go vote in large numbers. Because that way you are less likely to get harassed I feel.

A Democracy Now! article says to call 866-OUR-VOTE. Wendy Weiser, Dr. of Voting Rights and Election Project at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law gave that number many times throughout her interview. So if you have a problem or see a problem while you are at the poll call. She also stated that no matter what you should vote even if it’s a provisional ballot.

The USA Justice Deparment says to call their toll free number if you witness someone breaking the voting rights laws: (800) 253-3931.

Then their is great information on Kimi Wei’s blog. She has many article on voting rights but this one has guides that students can look at, Voter’s Rights Handbook, League of Women Voter’s New Jersey Voter and Election Guide and much much more information. One thing about being part of the democratic process is that you have to inform yourself and read things. So read this article, Kimi Wei’s and many more.

Mrs. Wei has great information for NJ law and about voting rights in general but so does the Freedom Works Blog. They have numbers for all 50 states right at the bottom that you can put in your contacts incase you feel you might have trouble voting. Which hopefully will not happen but sadly might.

Sorry for all the information but we need to be informed about our rights and how to get involved. We can’t sit on our butts and just hope things will change! We have to be the change.

If you have other ideas and places to call or a tool that can be used on our smart phones please lettuce know. We have to help one another, that’s how community is built. We can built a great global community with the right man in the White House and that man is Bernie Sanders. #FeeltheBern

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Does Your Town Have “Workers for a Fee”? Fair Lawn Does!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Blizzard Jonas is upon us and wrecking havoc on us all. Because this is the age of technology some things are so much easier for many of us. We can now look things up very easily to get help with things instead of just calling or praying for helpers to come dig you out in a blizzard. Fair Lawn does something very fascinating that I don’t know if other towns do, but might want to, which is they have a list called Workers For a Fee. Or look it up online if places are closed for business.

I’m on that list for snow shoveling and have been on it for a long time. I was even in an article by The Record’s Bill Ervolino (from February 2014 — which I can’t believe was already 2 years ago. Time flies!) talking about this list that has been very helpful for the citizens of Fair Lawn and for me as a college student who is able to do something I like while making some money at the same time. Please read full article here.

If you live in another town call your health department and see if there’s a list like this were you can ask for helpers like me. I think the list has been around a long time – at least 5 years because I’ve been on it for that long. This is a replacement to when kids used to go out, walk and ask people if they need to be shoveled out. How times have changed, but there are still people out there who are able to help you out with your yard or snow. I’m living proof that young people do more then just go on social media, party and text.

PSA: If you are in the Fair Lawn Area and need help with your yard work or snow shoveling hit me up one time and maybe we can work something out. I have a good track record and my team does good work. The young people are out there!

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Disgracing MLK Jr. Day – Fair Lawn, NJ

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only black holiday in the United States of America. Yet here in Bergen County, specifically in my town: Fair Lawn they didn’t even have the nerve to call his day his own. Instead they called MLK Jr. Day “Pizza Day”. Disgracing MLK Jr Photo

I saw this one night and had to turn around! I was so disgusted that I couldn’t say anything until after his holiday. Most schools in Bergen County don’t give off for this holiday but it’s not about getting a day off it’s about doing community service and helping your community out. And to remember his greatness and what he stood for and accomplished. But Lyncrest Elementary School had to say that it’s a 1/2 day “Pizza Day”. That will be a post for a later day. It’s not a 1/2 day kids just get out like 90 minutes earlier but what needs to be discussed is to close school altogether and remember what MLK stood for. Not calling the ONLY black holiday Pizza Day. And this is why I hope to actually put my name into the ring for School Board someday.

The greats need to be remembered and not forgotten. Sadly Fair Lawn isn’t doing that. Our education is lacking. I always took off for his day even if it did affect my attendance record but as a civil rights activist I felt it was my need to do what I think MLK would have. My brother and mother felt the same way so we started a fb group. Like it comment and give suggestions on how we can make schools talk more about MLK, what he stood for, what he did and to give off on the only holiday for a coloured person.

This too will be picked up because you really can’t understand how mad I was to always see “Pizza Day” on my way home from my girlfriends or just had to run errands on that part of town. And how can the school have no shame and post that on their board? It makes me wonder where are people’s brains and respect sometimes.

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Safe Bike Path from Dunkerhook to Bergen Community College

I biked from my home in Fair Lawn to Bergen Community College for a 5 years while I went to school there. While I was a student there I had hoped to finish a project of getting a safe crosswalk and sidewalk, that’s eco-friendly. That would connect Paramus Road [County Road 62] from Dunkerhook Rd (which is entrance to Dunkerhook). That way more people can start to walk safely to school and bike more easily. I know that there are a lot of people from Fair Lawn High School that attended BCC while I was there (that fact is still true) and many of these kids drive separate cars. Very few people I know walk and even fewer biked like I did. I didn’t blame them because it’s not the safest road to travel on; it’s quite dangerous.

I was working with my fellow Green Team Members of Fair Lawn to help get this protect off its feet. But need to pick it back up so that the future kids can bike and walk more. I want to get help from the other surrounding towns that’d benefit from having the Saddle River Bike Path to use – which stretches out 7 miles in Bergen County. The part of it that I biked was called Dunkerhook but it’s great that I get to use it because without the bike path no one would be able to safely get from home to the college.

Also I hope to get Paramus Catholic on board with this project because some of their students who play sports run on Paramus Road. Which to this day I wonder how the school is okay with its students running along such a dangerous road. This is a great project that can help promote health for citizens, lesson peoples carbon footprint, makes biking and walking more safe and just all around a great idea. It’ll also stop car accidents from happening, which happens like once a week on that road.

Please contact me if you are an avid biker enthusiast who would like to see this long awaited project become real.

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Ivan Wei supporting documentation to additional responses to Article X action

I responded to the baseless accusations which led to the suspension of my presidency as NJ State NAACP Youth and College Division President on Dec 4 2015. I also appended additional comments and this is the documentation supporting those comments:

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NAACP Article X response documents

Here is the letter of Dec 4 2015 suspending me from the position of President of the New Jersey NAACP Youth and College Division. The suspension is based on mistruths and innuendo to which I was not given the opportunity to respond until now. You can see my response to the allegations and additional comments I appended to it. I also requested a review of this matter by the national NAACP Board of Directors. I sent my response along with supporting documentation to the national NAACP office on Friday, December 18, 2015.

Documents supporting my response are shown below. Other documents mentioned in my additional comments can be seen here.

ID page of my passport

A copy of the identification page of my passport

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