6 Degrees of Separation is Real! Met a Cousin Who Went to BCC with Me

Ever since I’ve watched Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation (1993 film) I have been seeing how we are all connected more then we would think or even possibly imagine. I recommend you borrow this movie from your local library and watch it. Our connection to someone in any part of the world can go as high as 6 people.

But I have never experienced it with family that was estranged for a long time. It all started 2 weeks before I left for the DNC: My mother mentioned to my brother and I about how she was contacted by our friend who runs the Green Team here in Fair Lawn that someone from Oregon says Kimi Wei (my mother) might be her cousin. As Marsha later pointed out she didn’t think she knew my mother was her cousin. As everyone knows my family has variations of Wei, but when our friend reached out to my mother she said, “I have been thinking about ways to reach out and find the Spellman side of our family.”

Well we didn’t know what she was talking about because we thought her maiden name was Brooks or something like that. We still don’t get it all. Families right? jaja

Well you guessed it this Marsha from Oregon was our estranged Spellman cousin and she found people in little o’l Fair Lawn to connect her to my mom. That right there was 4 people involved. Scary right but it gets better. So Marsha was doing a family tree, had us on it and wanted to get in touch with us and invite us to come to a family reunion the weekend of July 23rd – the same weekend of EnergyPath and the DNC. It wast the best of timing but we made it work because we wanted to meet another part of our family.

It was a whole weekend event but we the Wei’s from Fair Lawn where able to make it over to the far far far city of …… Paramus. Yes we have family that leaves 10 minutes away that we just met a week ago (sings the chorus from “About a Week Ago” by Bobby Shmurda in my head). So we go the first night, Saturday the 23rd, but mother and Ari go before me because I had to take care of some of my plants but I make it over right before everyone leaves. I meet some relatives, get some food then I go down to where people are playing pool and this girl (who I didn’t recognize right away) asked me if I went to Bergen. I of course respond empathically, “Yes I did!”

Then she asked wasn’t I involved in PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) and other clubs on campus. Again I said yes. Then it dawned on me that I had a few interactions with her. Then it dawned on us both that we are family! “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge is probably playing in your head I know same here.

And as we learn a bit about her we learned that she went to high school with my brother and I. More Ari though because when she was a freshman I was a senior but her and Ari graduated only a year apart. So not only did we go to BCC together but we were even in HS together. We all even know a few of the same people.

One more degree of separation is that she is dating a guy that graduated in my year. Which actually I already new because Lila came to the the PTK induction ceremony and her boyfriend, Louis, and I did a bit of catching up. So yes the world is super small, so small you may not even know your whole family tree.

So yeah! Will Smith’s movie pops up all the time even tho it’s a 23 year old movie. Now it’s time to learn about these Spellman’s and see if there are others we can find. For example, at the DNC there was apparently a Bernie Delegate with the last name Spellman. I asked my new cousin if she could be one of us, she wasn’t sure so I sent her a message. Sadly no response but just thinking there could be more family out there would be kind of cool. Especially one I already know should be pretty cool if she supports my guy Bernie. That’ll be a discussion for tomorrow’s post since some of these Bernie or Bust people are taking things a bit to far on the bust side :/

But yeah you never know who could be family because you could be seeing them and not know until 3 years later (if not more). I love how much smaller the world gets all the time.

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