Challenge to Help Cleanup Your City

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I took a walk to my bank instead of driving because I like to walk the walk that I talk so much about. On the way back I started picking up some trash that I saw and threw it out in the nearest garbage – a mile away. In my 1 mile walk (well to be exact it’s like 0.87 miles) but really who’s keeping track. I wasn’t able to pick up everything but I was able to pick up things that could be recycled – 2 little shots of alcohol bottles, a few water bottles, candy wrapper and a cup from Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. In total I think I got about 10 items of trash off the street and into a recycling bin.

I then went on to post my videos and pictures on my social media outlets and challenged some of my friends to pick up trash either just one day in their life or make it a weekly or daily thing. Then I remembered that blogging is powerful and will be out there always so I am challenging the whole world to this challenge! Please comment what you find! This really isn’t a hard task! Anyone and everyone can do it. If you read one of my first posts (which isn’t hard to find because I have sadly not blogged much, which will change), but I used to bike with a trash bag on my handle bars and I got to about 12 bags full before I stopped biking. Again that will change but when you know longer live in biking distance of college biking isn’t really an option unless I want to spend hours commuting but that will be for another post.

So please take this challenge to help make your community, your city, your world a better place. Every little bit you take off the streets and throw out/recycle is making the world that much better. Do your part to keep things clean. If people ask you what you are doing don’t shrug them off! Tell them what you are doing and if they laugh at you ask them take the challenge as well. Good luck on this challenge! If you need more help or ideas let me know I’m here to help make this world better for this generations and the next ones.

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  1. Sally G says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I used to be better at this—still always at the beach, but too often let the street trash lie. Good reminder—it’s not a sleeping dog! It belongs in a recycling or trash basket.

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