Disgracing MLK Jr. Day – Fair Lawn, NJ

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only black holiday in the United States of America. Yet here in Bergen County, specifically in my town: Fair Lawn they didn’t even have the nerve to call his day his own. Instead they called MLK Jr. Day “Pizza Day”. Disgracing MLK Jr Photo

I saw this one night and had to turn around! I was so disgusted that I couldn’t say anything until after his holiday. Most schools in Bergen County don’t give off for this holiday but it’s not about getting a day off it’s about doing community service and helping your community out. And to remember his greatness and what he stood for and accomplished. But Lyncrest Elementary School had to say that it’s a 1/2 day “Pizza Day”. That will be a post for a later day. It’s not a 1/2 day kids just get out like 90 minutes earlier but what needs to be discussed is to close school altogether and remember what MLK stood for. Not calling the ONLY black holiday Pizza Day. And this is why I hope to actually put my name into the ring for School Board someday.

The greats need to be remembered and not forgotten. Sadly Fair Lawn isn’t doing that. Our education is lacking. I always took off for his day even if it did affect my attendance record but as a civil rights activist I felt it was my need to do what I think MLK would have. My brother and mother felt the same way so we started a fb group. Like it comment and give suggestions on how we can make schools talk more about MLK, what he stood for, what he did and to give off on the only holiday for a coloured person. https://www.facebook.com/Close-NJ-Schools-on-MLK-Jr-Day-276810379041778/?fref=ts

This too will be picked up because you really can’t understand how mad I was to always see “Pizza Day” on my way home from my girlfriends or just had to run errands on that part of town. And how can the school have no shame and post that on their board? It makes me wonder where are people’s brains and respect sometimes.

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2 Responses to Disgracing MLK Jr. Day – Fair Lawn, NJ

  1. W.P says:

    Not everyone has to acknowledge it.

  2. admin says:

    Oh but they should! He was a man of greatness who fought for the right things and he (as well as others) are not being taught well. There are more people then just him of course but since he’s given a day it’s a good place to start then we can talk about having a nation wide Holocaust Day and go on and on. Or do what public schools do and don’t celebrate any day or religion.

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