A friend of mine and I decided to go Trick-or-Treating, or TOT as we’ve been calling it. Except people don’t know how cool TOTing is and they make fun of us for saying it. We are trying to make that word known around the world! Then everyone will all TOTing instead of Trick-or-Treating, which is getting old and boring.

Last Halloween it was just going to be the two of us because I didn’t feel like getting a group of kids together to go TOTing instead of the usual – which we usually do every year prior. But my buddy then invited a mutual friend and my brother decided to tag along with us instead of going with his friends. Then two of my neighbors, who are sisters came to my door and asked if I wanted to got TOTing with them, I said I was going with my people. One of the sister and her friends didn’t want to go with her sisters big group – they wanted to go separately. I invited the sister and her small group of friends; which turned out to be 4 people!

So our group of 2 became 8 without me doing anything. As the night went on we met up with more people. It was a ton of fun to have a big group of people going TOTing, except it’s very hard to get candy from people when there are about 10 kids.

But we managed it and we all got loads of candy! It helps a lot when people leave bowls out. Being teenagers We help ourselves into taking more then 1, you all know that feeling; the bowl is just there, it is late – no one is going come out to go TOTing anymore. Your saying, “It’d be a shame if nobody took the candy that they bought. I’ll help them out!” Before you know it the bowl is empty. I go through that thinking a lot and that ALWAYS happens.

I say, “The candy made me do it!”

The bright side to taking all that candy is that I don’t like candy as much and I just go TOTing to chill with my friends, not so much for the candy anymore. Because candy is very bad for you but hanging out with friends is fun and We are keeping the spirit of TOTing alive, since it seems less and less kids go out on Halloween. Maybe We’ll fix that trend and get more people out this Halloween. Just remember to always be safe!

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