I Bike to College in New Jersey

Blog Action Day ’09 to help combat global warming was a few days ago. I couldn’t join in on 10/15 but here’s my answer to the challenge question – what I do to protect the environment.

I recycle, reuse and my family freecycles and exchanges household goods and clothing with other families. I’ve also walked or biked to school since 4th grade – now I’m a freshman at Bergen Community College and still a proud biker.

There’s a bike path I take most of the way to school but I still have to travel 1/4 mile on a nasty road with no shoulder or bike path (Paramus Road). Luckily the county bike path lets me avoid Century Road, which is possibly the worst death trap for bikers and walkers in this area. At night the bike path is closed so I have to get a ride home. I guess the parks people think nobody needs to walk or bike after dark.

It’s funny how I take 15 minutes to bike to school while people who live in my town drive and it takes them about 40 minutes in the morning because the traffic’s so backed up. When they complain I say, “Hey, you should bike. You’ll get here faster, it’s better for the environment and you get exercise,” and they give me a funny little grin. They’d like to tell me I’m stupid but on the other hand, it’s hard to make fun of me when I’m right.

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    Guess that’s why our bus stations have litlte metal boxes you wheel your bike into , lock the door and keep the key until your return on the bus for your bicycle trip home off the route.

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