How Much are You Willing to Pay to Fit in?

I want to know HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY TO FIT in with family, friends and co-workers. If you’d like leave your answer in the comment section. The photo is a Oscar de la Renta jacket my friend saw in Saks 5th Avenue that costs $1614 bucks!!! I saw that and had a stroke. Hopefully I can put the sticker shock photo up in a bit. Here is what happened to make me want to write this post and put this out into the world:

I was at a local library picking out some FREE new movies I’d like to watch with some of my free time this weekend. While I was picking movies out there was a fellow patron talking with one of the librarians about how she worked at a top notch law firm where she feels out of place because she doesn’t wear the same expensive clothes as her peers. I laughed because I personally couldn’t give a flying fuck what people think of me. People close to me can concur with this and sometimes they hate that I don’t care how people may judge me. I dress how I want to dress and unless someone is going to buy me a new wardrobe then they can’t judge what I wear.

Of course I don’t go looking like a bum unless it’s Purim! For my non-Jewish friends Purim is like the equivalent to Halloween. But it’s more about giving Mishlo’ach Manot (food to friends and relatives), give Tzedakah (donate money) to the poor/needy, hear the Megillah, dress up in costume and much much more. If you click on the link you’ll be taken the Chabad page that’ll tell you everything else we Jewish people do on Purim. I personally think it’s a lot better than Halloween. 🙂 And a lot more meaningful too.

But after I had these thoughts I got back to listening to what the ladies where saying and this patron said that to stop her coworkers from laughing at how she dressed she bought this $950 sweater that everyone else was wearing. When I heard that I was like (in my head)…. “WTF! Your co-workers don’t pay your bills, so why would you do that?!”

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one because the librarians – at this point the director got into this discussion – asked the same thing. The lady replied, “Because that’s the sweater everyone was wearing so I wanted to show I can fit in.”

I don’t agree that anyone should ever spend that much money to keep up with coworkers or anyone really – ESPECIALLY if you don’t have that kind of cash. I can’t ever imagine spending that much money on clothing. And also just so that you can keep up with the Jones! I do know some people who’d go into debt to look the part. That will be another post for me. So I thought maybe I’m a crazy person for not wanting to spend that much money on a sweater and the few people I asked all agreed with me so I’m not that abnormal.

But, if you are determined to look fancy. There are cheaper ways to do that that don’t involve breaking the bank. And don’t laugh or knock it until you try it but my answers are:

1. If you got fancy friends and they get rid of their clothes often ask them to give you their nice stuff.
2. Join your local Freecycle Community and ask for clothes (or anything you might need). These groups where started to keep things out of landfills. My family uses it often and OMG we have gotten some brand new things (with the tags still on) or stuff that was lightly used. Because there are a lot of people like this lady that want to keep up with the Jones that get rid of stuff that’s only a year old/that’s out of fashion. So you take it and make it look fly and people don’t need to know where you got your goods. Which leads to options #3.
3. Buy at your local Thrift Store (Good Will, Red White and Blue, Salvation Army thrift store … whatever it’s called in your area JUST GO!). You’d be surprised at what is sold at these places. Again sometimes they are brand new and cost a fraction of what you’d pay full price. When I need new clothes that’s where I’ll go first — BUT I have been the same size 30 for like 15 years now. And if nothing is there I try my other options and the last resort is to go to a store and buy something. But why go straight to buy when you can get stuff for free or way way way cheaper!

If you are reading this and need to keep up appearances take those options and try them. You might be able to look amazing while not breaking the bank. If you have other ideas please leave a comment. I’m all about trying to keep things local and out of landfills while you know …. looking fly as fuck 🙂 Also please comment on how much you’d pay to fit in? As you read mine is going to the Thrift Store so I don’t need to spend $950 on a sweater or $1600 on a jacket.

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