My Weekend Adventures

The start of my 2009 November was very interesting. Halloween isn’t in November but it did start my awesome 2009 November weekend. I hung out with my buddies, got loads of candy, performed at an Obama/Corzine Rally in Newark, NJ and then walked around Newark for a bit and ordered my first Dinner for my brother and I.

Yes, I have ordered food for myself before but not for another person and not at a Brazilian Restaurant where I didn’t understand the menu 100 percent. I understood some of it because I’ve been to Brazilian Restaurants before and Portuguese is a bit like Spanish and my Spanish isn’t that horrible – thankfully, but it does need a lot of practice. My mother knew about the restaurant, Nova Cosa, because she has eaten there before.

After looking at the menu for awhile I didn’t see what I was gonna order, my mom mentioned Chicken and Fries that was suppose to cost $10-12, but my brother and I didn’t see anything that was that price or Chicken and Fries. So I asked the waitress, “How much does a plate of Chicken and Rice cost?”

She said, “A small plate is $8 and it comes with chicken, fries and rice. Or you can get your own chicken, rice and other food then weight it.” For those who don’t know, that means get what you want and then pay by the pound.

My brother and I looked at each other and decided that we’ll get the $8 plate. It sounded really good and we were hungry. We were at the Obama/Corzine Rally since 10 am and it was now around 5 in the evening. I told her we’d get the plate. She asked, “You want two small plates? That come with 4 chicken legs, fries and rice and beans.”

“We’ll try one small plate for now” I responded. When the food came I said to my brother, “This is a small plate?! That’s a lot of food.” It was 4 very nice chicken legs and a nice portion of fries and rice and beans. Before we ate I ordered us a can of Coke.

We demolished the food and were satisfied. The entire meal and the can of Coke cost us only $10. Two adults ate for $5! And we got to see President Obama and walk around Newark – which we love, so does my mother. In all that was a great weekend. Free candy, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, hearing and SEEING President Obama speak and then ALMOST shaking his hand. Even though I didn’t shake his hand I had a nice weekend. Shaking his hand would’ve only ADDED to the AWESOMENESS of the weekend.

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