Safe Bike Path from Dunkerhook to Bergen Community College

I biked from my home in Fair Lawn to Bergen Community College for a 5 years while I went to school there. While I was a student there I had hoped to finish a project of getting a safe crosswalk and sidewalk, that’s eco-friendly. That would connect Paramus Road [County Road 62] from Dunkerhook Rd (which is entrance to Dunkerhook). That way more people can start to walk safely to school and bike more easily. I know that there are a lot of people from Fair Lawn High School that attended BCC while I was there (that fact is still true) and many of these kids drive separate cars. Very few people I know walk and even fewer biked like I did. I didn’t blame them because it’s not the safest road to travel on; it’s quite dangerous.

I was working with my fellow Green Team Members of Fair Lawn to help get this protect off its feet. But need to pick it back up so that the future kids can bike and walk more. I want to get help from the other surrounding towns that’d benefit from having the Saddle River Bike Path to use – which stretches out 7 miles in Bergen County. The part of it that I biked was called Dunkerhook but it’s great that I get to use it because without the bike path no one would be able to safely get from home to the college.

Also I hope to get Paramus Catholic on board with this project because some of their students who play sports run on Paramus Road. Which to this day I wonder how the school is okay with its students running along such a dangerous road. This is a great project that can help promote health for citizens, lesson peoples carbon footprint, makes biking and walking more safe and just all around a great idea. It’ll also stop car accidents from happening, which happens like once a week on that road.

Please contact me if you are an avid biker enthusiast who would like to see this long awaited project become real.

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