To Sell or Not To Sell is the Question

What you are about to read and hopefully get kick out of is an email posting my mother wrote that was suppose to get rid of my old futon bed frame…

As you will see 1 way worked much better then the other! Unfortunately, the contraption is STILL in our living room taking up a ton of space – hopefully I won’t have to see it much longer.

As for now I will leave you to read the emails from my mother – they are quite funny; I couldn’t stop laughing. Hopefully you think the same and if not I will try to make you laugh over time once you get to know me and learn about my sense of humor.

“Anyone feel like laughing at me today? Take a look at these two Freecycle ads. The bottom one I wrote two weeks ago and it netted no responses. It’s completely insane, which is probably why. The top ad, which I wrote tonight, someone responded to a few minutes after it posted. It seems to be all in the packaging, people . .


This got me a request for our “chair” on Freecycle within 15 minutes.

Subject: O Fair Lawn: futon chair – frame only

Hi People,

I have here a nice looking wooden chair frame. A single-sized futon cushion gets draped over it, but you’ll need to supply that. It’s oak veneer, pretty looking.

Please include phone number with response.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This got us no responses at all. It reads almost like a parody of an ad, like someone was trying to figure out how to make the give-away item as unappealing as possible to make sure no one would ask for it. I wrote both of these ads, more’s the pity.

Subject: O Fair Lawn Wood futon frame

(Please read carefully before requesting this item)

We have a wooden futon frame which is single size and converts from a chair to a bed. As a chair, it’s got all of its wooden pieces, but as a bed it needs a bit of work: one of the legs that holds up the extension that makes the foot of the frame is missing (we’ve been using a milk crate in place of the leg); the other leg is cracked in one spot and is in need of a good glueing.

Why the frame works better as a chair, is that the extension that
creates the foot of the bed, retracts into the “seat” when the frame is folded into chair shape.

The frame is a medium brown color and is disassembled for your
transportation convenience, but it looks like you’ll still need at
least a small SUV – or a hatchback – to fit this into a vehicle.

There is no futon (the “cushion”, or mattress) with this frame. You just get the frame.

If you’re interested please send your phone number and approximate
pick-up date/time.

Thank you!

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