Why My Fellow Black & Brown People SHOULDN’T Vote for Hillary

There is this great 6 minute video by The Young Turks that everyone should watch before they think of going out to caucus for Hillary or want to push a button or press a lever for her. Watch it! There are good points of how she is NOT for my people (us coloured folks) and how she is called out for calling young black people “super predators”.

And Michelle Alexander said in a Washington Post article that “Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the support of black voters“. Bernie Sanders has support of this lady, Dr. Cornell West, Benjamin Jealous, Nina Turner, Killa Mike, Susan Sarandon and many many more. As you can see many are prominent black activists and black leaders. They are backing the right candidate and so should you! So go out this Super Tuesday after watching this video and vote for the RIGHT candidate.

Good Luck! And bring your friends to the polls.

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