Young People Hold the Key to Bernie Sanders Winning – But We MUST GOTV

Here is Bernie Sanders interview with Chuck Todd on Meeting the Press. The two quotes are from 28 secs-54 secs.

“The voter turn out was not as high as I wanted” — This is the few times you’ll hear Bernie Sanders say “I”. Usually he says ‘we’, but I am thinking that when it comes to votes he feels more partial to the end result. He’s doing tons of speaking engagements, rallies and just getting his name out to the world of Americans (and the entire world really). Thank you internet. *** There will be another article about Net Neutrality ***

But he continues by saying “We will do well when young people, when working class people come out. We do not do well when the voter turn out is not large. We did not do as good as a job to bring out a large turnout.” But you heard it straight from the man himself!!

When people vote he will win! AGAIN when PEOPLE vote he WILL WIN the NOMINATION. Young people are going out for him in droves to his rallies and… when they do actually go and vote. He got a large percent of the voters in NH, but less people went out to vote this year for the Democrats then in 2012 or 2008. We, the young people, need to support him NOT with our wallets, but with our ballots. If We, the young people, want to see him win . . . We all MUST GO OUT and VOTE for Bernie Sanders. Bring people with you to vote. Have a voting party!

Don’t get me wrong Millennials, Bernie could definitely use our donations to help his campaign. Anyone would! But I think our votes are more valuable to any amount we may be able to give. So for all those Super Tuesday states ….. if Bernie hasn’t said it enough I hope I am in this article – GO OUT and VOTE. AGAIN Bring your FRIENDS to VOTE!!!

If you are like me; meaning you’re a person of colour…. voting can seem scary but it shouldn’t be! There are apps that you can cite where this illegal activity is going on and organizations can help you get around them. I know one of the best ways is go vote in large numbers. Because that way you are less likely to get harassed I feel.

A Democracy Now! article says to call 866-OUR-VOTE. Wendy Weiser, Dr. of Voting Rights and Election Project at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law gave that number many times throughout her interview. So if you have a problem or see a problem while you are at the poll call. She also stated that no matter what you should vote even if it’s a provisional ballot.

The USA Justice Deparment says to call their toll free number if you witness someone breaking the voting rights laws: (800) 253-3931.

Then their is great information on Kimi Wei’s blog. She has many article on voting rights but this one has guides that students can look at, Voter’s Rights Handbook, League of Women Voter’s New Jersey Voter and Election Guide and much much more information. One thing about being part of the democratic process is that you have to inform yourself and read things. So read this article, Kimi Wei’s and many more.

Mrs. Wei has great information for NJ law and about voting rights in general but so does the Freedom Works Blog. They have numbers for all 50 states right at the bottom that you can put in your contacts incase you feel you might have trouble voting. Which hopefully will not happen but sadly might.

Sorry for all the information but we need to be informed about our rights and how to get involved. We can’t sit on our butts and just hope things will change! We have to be the change.

If you have other ideas and places to call or a tool that can be used on our smart phones please lettuce know. We have to help one another, that’s how community is built. We can built a great global community with the right man in the White House and that man is Bernie Sanders. #FeeltheBern

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