Young Turks are Fundraising to Get MORE Investigative Journalists – Wanna Help?

The Young Turks are doing a great fundraiser. It’s not a small amount but it’s nothing compared to what Mainstream Media gets – 2 million dollars. Yeah for us 99% that might be a lot of money but then I remembered what Bernie Sanders did and it gives me hope. What’s cool is that those that have already donated to TYT (The Young Turks) is also our favourite average of you guessed it $27 (or at least this was the case 5 days ago). The reason I am trying to be quick on this post is because TYT will only be raising funds until the day of Trumps inauguration, so time is crucial. What’s great about this goal is that every $500,000 will get TYT a whole NEW investigative crew.

They already have one great crew and have done some great great work already. like help stop the DAPL, Donna Brazil, talking about all the crap Trump does. You can see what they have done in their 2 minute video on that link because I don’t have all the time to list what they do and they sound a lot more convincing than I plus maybe you can than watch a video or 2 of theirs. Just imagine how much more work they can do with more REAL investigative journalists, especially in the time of Trump and his minions of Republicans.

But yes they are a great news source that I hope to be a member of them when I make a bit more money. I can’t really donate to much but I’ll give what I can just like I did for my main man Bernie. Every little bit adds up to help the cause. If it could work for the man that made us believe that progressivism can be a great thing and he even started his own organization, #OurRevolution. If you can donate to these great organizations please do. But the one with the time crunch is TYT, but I’m happy either or can take your donation with a smile.

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