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Mt. Fuji Hibachi restaurant review

Went out to hibachi Friday night for my mother’s birthday and I wrote a Yelp review on it. If anyone was thinking about going there, read this! Off the bat I’ll tell you, coming here you’re looking to spend around $30-50 per person, which is of course expensive, but for hibachi it’s just about right.

Black Panthers: In Photos

I stumbled upon this article on medium the other day and I found it interesting. The article displays some photos from Stephen Shames’ and Bobby Seale’s photo book, Power to the People: The World of the Black Panthers. As the article says, Shames was a young college student in 1967 when he met Seale by chance. After meeting

Dangers of Texting While, and Wreckless Driving

Photo from ABC Action News

Started off my school day pretty stressed today. The reason being, my brother is an aggressive, sometimes reckless driver also uses his phone quite frequently while driving. Today marks the fourth official day of classes for me as a Montclair State University student. I don’t have a car to drive myself to school and taking

Sherman Chester’s Letter to Obama

I’m subscribed to the White House email list and this morning I decided to take a look at some of the emails I’ve gotten from it (which I do not often do). The subject line for one of these recent emails reads “This letter Sherman sent me” and for some reason that caught my interest.

Homeless Homes?

Out in Oakland, California, a man is using repurposed garbage from illegal dumping sites to build small homes for the homeless. Gregory Kloehn is an artist and construction contractor who, for the past four years has dedicated much of his time to constructing these homes for people living on the streets. He also sources materials