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Homeless Homes?


Out in Oakland, California, a man is using repurposed garbage from illegal dumping sites to build small homes for the homeless. Gregory Kloehn is an artist and construction contractor who, for the past four years has dedicated much of his time to constructing these homes for people living on the streets. He also sources materials from commercial waste and excess household items. He uses his creative talent to make these homes that are practical and also works of art. According to his website, his Homeless Homes Project also strives to “to diminish money’s influence over the building process.”

“You know, I was always curious about homeless,” he says. “I mean, I think everyone is. When you see someone sleeping on the street, you wanna look… But you know that’s kinda not okay.” Through his construction work, Kloehn builds small homes, however, in building homes for the homeless, he gathered his inspiration from seeing what types of things that had constructed themselves. He became a lot more familiar with the homeless and their lifestyle and with his iPhone, he began going around, photographing the way they lived and made a book entitled Homeless Architecture.

Kloehn began by seeing if he could build a small home using little to no money. Since he started, he’s built over 35 homes for the homeless, using mostly discarded materials – with many more homes built by volunteers who sign up for his lectures and workshops.

To learn more, donate, or get involved, please visit his site at:

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