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Paterson First Ward Residents’ Streets, Homes, Lives Ruined by River Flooding

Residents in some parts of Paterson are no strangers to flooding. The Passaic River (the largest river system in New Jersey) which used to be used for transportation, food, water and industrial power, runs through and around the town. According to the FEMA flood map, Paterson’s First and Second Wards sit in the areas most

Student Spotlight: Kyran Guerra

By Luis Ari Lopez Wei Bergen Community College has some impressive individuals studying and working here, and Kyran Guerra, is one of them. Kyran or “Ky”, as everyone calls him, is an employee of the school working for both the bookstore and the custodial department. He travels back and forth between the Paramus and Hackensack

Star Wars is Poetry

Star Wars Poetry from whoispablo on Vimeo. About a week ago (shoutout to Bobby Shmurda) a user, whoispablo uploaded a video on Vimeo entitled Star Wars Poetry. The video runs at just over two minutes long and shows parallels between the Star Wars original trilogy and movies 1 to 3. I’m a big fan of

Nice, Green, Fair Lawn fair

The town Fair Lawn’s Green Team hosted its third annual Green Fair last night. The fair consisted of a number of different exhibitors ranging from The Hackensack Riverkeeper, Food & Water Watch and Fair Lawn high school’s Environmental club to the Historic Commission, Safe Routes to School and even a hand’s-on composting demonstration. The Fair

Militarized police are out of control.

Another innocent young man has been killed by another out of control police officer. Michael Brown, an 18 year old youth was shot by a police officer for walking in the street. The officer told Michael to “Get the fuck onto the sidewalk,” and when Michael told him he was just going to his home

The Civil War… In Color?

Artist John C. Gunztelman in his work, The Civil War in Color: A Photographic Reenactment of the War Between the States, has taken to colorizing black and white photos from the Civil War. He has brought the marvels of modern imagery to the pictures taken during the the Civil War, giving a uniqueness to them, doing

Superhero in History short story

Standing on the beaches that day reminded me of what had taken place so long ago. The day I started to believe in the existence of both G-d and Satan. A day filled with seemingly unprecedented fear, death and destruction. Looking down, I remembered vividly what had transpired decades ago to the day, as if

Memorial Day Parade

Today, as part of the 6th USCT I participated in a Memorial Day parade in the township of Union. Again, like last year it was a lot of fun. This year there were only four us including myself, but we still had a presence! The only part that was difficult to tolerate was not even

Do or do not drop the bomb?

Something I wrote in eighth grade English. The task was to write the arguments for both the scientists who made the atomic bomb, and the military generals who wanted to use it. The Scientists The scientists were completely against the use of the atom bomb. They feared what its use could bring about to the

Supreme Court Decision

From what I remember from the assignment, we had to options to choose from, that were either in support of punishing school kids for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, or not. As a Supreme Court Justice I choose option 2. I choose option 2 because Justice Harlan Stone is exactly right, “This regulation