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From what I remember from the assignment, we had to options to choose from, that were either in support of punishing school kids for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, or not.

As a Supreme Court Justice I choose option 2. I choose option 2 because Justice Harlan Stone is exactly right, “This regulation tried to encourage patriotism and a love of American ideals by denying the very model of freedom for which the United States stood. Stone wondered what could be less supportive of American principles than the practice of forcing ‘these children to express a sentiment which, as they interpret it, they do not entertain, and which violates their deepest religious convictions,'” (Harlan Stone). It is un-American to force people to do something which goes against their religion, as well as violate their 1st Amendment rights. It also violates their 8th Amendment rights, expedition, the possibility of being sent to reformatories for juvenile delinquents, fines for parents of $150 and up to 30 days in jail… Completely excessive punishments for the small ‘crime’. It is extremely hypocritical to make such a situation where, you want people to be more unified, more patriotic, and in doing so, violate the very rights one would have people pledge allegiance to, and also, those that have the right not to, have them abused and tormented. Where’s the unity and patriotism in that? It defeats the whole purpose of what was trying to be achieved.

Written on: December 21, 2010

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