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The Civil War… In Color?

Artist John C. Gunztelman in his work, The Civil War in Color: A Photographic Reenactment of the War Between the States, has taken to colorizing black and white photos from the Civil War. He has brought the marvels of modern imagery to the pictures taken during the the Civil War, giving a uniqueness to them, doing

Supreme Court Decision

From what I remember from the assignment, we had to options to choose from, that were either in support of punishing school kids for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, or not. As a Supreme Court Justice I choose option 2. I choose option 2 because Justice Harlan Stone is exactly right, “This regulation

The Hamilton and Burr Feud

A piece I wrote for History class, on Hamilton and Burr. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were political enemies originally for a very simple reason; Burr was a Democratic-Republican and Hamilton was a Federalist. Hamilton and Burr had quite a few clashes on the political stage, though the first serious incident was in 1791. Burr

Tecmuseh, the Last Warrior

A piece I wrote for History class on, an obituary for the Indian warrior Tecumseh. Tecumseh was a warrior of the Shawnee Indian tribe, he was born in 1768 at Old Piqua along the Mad River in Ohio. Tecumseh was born during the night under a shooting stat, a symbol of destined greatness. He was